This course is held twice a year. A candidate may opt for one of the two sessions. The first session begins in the first week of June and lasts for about 15 weeks. The second session starts from the first week of October and lasts for 15 weeks. The session is open for General Studies.


Prilim-cum-Main course commences in the first week of every year and last for 16-20 weeks. The subjects taught under this course are General Studies. The admission on FIRST cum FIRST SERVE basis.


This course starts from the third week of March. Each batch lasts for ten days. The ten days may be split into two parts - seven days at the time of joining a batch and three days just before the date of interview of the candidate.


The personality test is an integral part of the Main Examination. In view of the fact that marks for the personality test has been increased to 300. Therefore, good score in the personality test plays a crucial role in the process of final selection to Civil Services, especially, in determining the rank of a candidate.


Realising the difficulties faced by out station students, especially women/working proffessionals candidates, in making use of the Institute’s personal guidance programmes, postal guidance system in General Studies for the Preliminary/Main Examination has also been provided. The postal guidance material is comprehensive, concise and examination - oriented in nature.
Its objective is to make available almost all the relevant needed material on a subject from various quality sources at one place, exclusively, for candidates undergoing postal guidance from this Institute so that the burden of selecting the matter will reduce and the candidate will use it as an reference material.

Procedure for dispatching the material to the candidate :
  • The material will normally be dispatched in two or three installments.
  • The material will be sent by courier. Normally, it takes about 7 days to reach its destination.
  • At times, because of factors beyond our control, there may be delay in dispatching the material to candidates. But, as far as possible, in the interest of the students, the dispatch schedule given above will be adhered to.
  • The candidate is advised to inform us the change, if any, in his/her mailing address at least 20 days in advance.
  • The material supplied to the candidate is the property of M/S SYNCHRONOUS IAS and is meant for the private use of the candidate only. It shall not be lent, photocopied, typed, sold or otherwise by her/him or allow others to misuse it.

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